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Building Homes

Our approach to building a house begins with looking at the building as a complete system and how it will perform over time. To accomplish this objective, the entire design and construction team works collaboratively, in a well-organized process. We believe that the thoughtful consideration of the entire structure, as well as its’ relationship to the natural environment, is the only way we can be responsible developers when building a house – a client’s most valuable asset.

A project management system that creates and maximizes efficiency, avoids surprises and enables controlled, thoughtful and informed decisions.

An organized and proactive approach that assures a predictable, smooth and uninterrupted construction cycle.

A comprehensive budget at the beginning of the project that guides the design and becomes the basis of fixed and guaranteed pricing.

Budget Control….Schedule Certainty…Enhanced Quality.

As an organization, PK Design Build Construction will not compromise on our commitment to serve our clients through the life of the custom building process and after. Unlike other general contracting firms, we take full responsibility, leading the entire project management effort from design development through to construction. Our role is more than building a house – we provide reliable information to assist clear decisions and to maximize the return from your home improvement alternatives.

Our specialization


We can provide all or some of the following pre-construction services to ensure that your project gets started off on the right foot. By becoming involved prior to or during the design process, we are able to extend our expertise to address constructability issues, thereby keeping the project's design within your target budget.

General Contracting

After careful, meticulous planning, we excel in executing our work in the field. Our project managers, superintendents, subcontractors and tradesmen rise to the occasion to build high quality construction projects each and every day. PK Design Build Construction's management team has experience in resolving any construction issues that may arise in a timely manner. We are problem solvers! After we have planned your project with you, we will build it with you.

Design Build

PK Design Build construction can provide complete design build services where we are responsible for the design, engineering and construction of a project. We draw upon our experience with the industry’s leading Architectural and Engineering firms to create a design build team customized to the needs and goals of your project. PK Design Build construction’s design build services eliminates the need for you to coordinate activities between your Architect, Engineers and Builder and produces a quality project that meets your objectives and is esthetically pleasing, within your budget and on schedule

Responsible Building

As in all aspects of our building practices, we take our responsibility to you and your community seriously. It is not enough to simply build a beautiful new home. We believe it is imperative that we build it responsibly. At PK Design Build Construction, this means a commitment to environmentally friendly products, the efficient use of resources and a consistent dedication to growth through advanced technology and to the conscious improvement of our carbon footprint.

In addition to our own high minimum standards, we have resourced a variety of optional products to suit specific client needs while working to ensure we create designs that are sustainable and in harmony with our neighborhoods, communities and global environment.

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