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The PK Philosophy

As home builders, it’s not just about blueprints and plywood. Our passion comes from knowing that we’ve carefully managed, protected and added value to your project – your most important financial and personal asset – and that we’ve become trusted friends and advisors, not just residential and commercial builders, for all improvements to your property. Visiting you in your finished project is a celebration, an acknowledgement of the creativity, communication, hard work and mutual respect that built your project. When those moments happen, we know we’ve done our job well.

There’s an extraordinary reward that comes from doing this kind of creative work that brings such personal fulfillment to families. That is why we take the time to listen to our clients – to tune in to precisely what is most important to them.

As residential and commercial contractors guided by these philosophies, we make a point of building custom homes that will last generations – building responsibly in ways that support the neighborhood and the community while always being there for our clients – no matter what, no matter when.

Maybe that’s a bit esoteric for a homebuilder. But we’d like to think that building homes is a means to more rewarding ends.

Why Choose PK Design Build Construction?

  • Client focus
  • Superior quality
  • Expert project management
  • Collaboration to ensure a smooth, harmonious project
  • Highly experienced in-house manpower
  • Financial strength
  • Value engineering / Cost savings

If these qualities appeal to you, PK Design Build Construction is the right choice for your next construction project. We have earned our reputation by focusing squarely on our clients’ needs and providing an exceptional product, manufactured to the highest standards, at a fair and reasonable cost. 

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